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CMM, Metrology support group, Probe, Calibration, Service, Used CMM, Buy CMM, Numerex, Brown and sharpe, MititoyoSoftware, Metromec software, Usoft, Ultra pac, Unitouch, Unimeasure, Cad, Upgrade, Retrofit, PM services, Preventative maintenance DEA, Mititoyo(spelling?), Renishaw, Training, Support, DCC, Manual, Joystick, Robocon, Status, Pantec, Windows, NetworkingIgs, Iges, Alliance Metrology Inc. was founded in 2002 by a group of past Numerex and Zeiss Customer Service and CMM Support Specialists / Professionals with a combined 75 + years experience in Coordinate Measurement Systems / CMM Metrology Services and Support. Our goal is to provide the best SERVICE and SUPPORT at a fair price! Find Out Why Metrology Professionals Worldwide Depend on US! CALL US TODAY!!! Serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-Medical, Electronics, Machining, Manufacturing, Casting and Molding, Injection Molding, Design Engineering, Metalworking & Plastic Industries. New CMM’s, Vision, Video Edge Sensing, Edge Finding WERTH – Scope-Check – Video-Check IP– Probe-Check – Flatscope – Inspector – Record - Optimus OEM SOFTWARE for CMM Inspection WinWerth – Werth Bestfit - Werth CAD – Werth CAD Parames CMM-Manager, CMM Manager CNC · Applications, Service & Software Training by Werth USA · Renewed, Rebuilt, Pre-Owned, Used and Refurbished CMM’s. · Numerex, ZEISS, MITUTOYO, CORDAX, BENDIX · CMM Software Retrofits · From PC-DMIS, Measure-Max, Direct Inspect, MicroMeasure, Geo Pak, MP III. CMM’s Benchtop - MiniCoord – MaxiCoord - GB (Granite) – DB (Dual Beam) – C100 (Ceramic) – DMM · OEM SOFTWARE · HP (Superpak) – Ultrapak (DOS) – Unimeasure (DOS) – Usoft (DOS) – Uni-Touch (DOS) · RETROFIT AND UPGRADE SOFTWARE · Metromec CM (Windows) – CMM Manager (Windows) – CMM-Manager DCC / CNC / CAD ASSIST · DRIVE SYSTEMS · Manual – Motor Drive – DCC (Robocon I, Robocon II, Phase II, Renishaw UCC1, Pantec, Status) APPLICATIONS SUPPORT & TRAINING Ultra Pak, Metromec, MetroSoft CM, (DOS) – Uni-Measure, UM, Unimeasure (DOS) – U-Soft (DOS) – Uni-Touch (DOS) – CMM Manager (Windows). CMM INSPECTION CMM Inspection Services, CMM Contract Inspection, CMM Inspection Consulting NUMEREX CMM’s - ZEISS CMM’s C100, CS100 (Ceramic) – C200, CS200 (Ceramic) - C400 (Ceramic)- EB (Granite) – DB (Granite) – Dual Beam – Cantilever and Bridge CMM’s – Zeiss Eclipse Series · OEM SOFTWARE · U-Soft (DOS) – UNI-TOUCH-PLUS (Dos) · DRIVE SYSTEMS ·        Manual – Motor Drive – DCC (Phase II, C90) Robocon, Robocon 2 II, C90, Renishaw UCC-1 Controller, Renishaw Digital Controller APPLICATIONS SUPPORT & TRAINING Usoft (DOS) Digitizing and Scanning, CAD CAM Interface, CMM Inspection ANSI / ASME Y14.5M ANSI / ASME B.89.1.12M CMM Inspections, Ball-Bar CMM Inspections, LASER CMM Inspections


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